The Sandbag Funnel has a 7" bottom and fits 14" bags and up

The Most Efficient Way to Collect Material into Bags

Do-it-yourself bag filling solution

How To Use The Sandbag Funnel

  1. Set The Sandbag Funnel upside down on a flat surface and place an empty sandbag on the outside of the base (tube) section
  2. Turn the funnel over and add desired material. NOTE: Depending on bag size, filling to the base of the bowl will fill the bag approximately 3/4 full
  3. Lift the funnel straight up until all material has transferred into the sandbag. The bag should remain standing and ready to be tied off and moved to the desired location
  4. Repeat this process as needed

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Work on Your Feet, Not on Your Knees, and Don't Be Caught Holding the Bag.

TheSandBagFunnel has a 7" bottom and fits 14" bags and up.

The Sandbag Funnel Is the Ideal Tool for Construction Materials Sampling.

The Sandbag Funnel is the ideal tool for pulling construction materials for acceptance testing. It allows the sampler/person to get all the samples in the bag without any spillage, which is essential for a representative sampling. It makes it possible to extract a sample from a busy construction site in an expedited and accurate manner, But the Sandbag funnel is not limited to only construction materials. It works for a large array of materials.